Giuseppe Morelli

Php and Magento Certified Developer – Rimini, Riccione, San Marino


PHP Developer since 2006. Magento Certified Developer. Skilled in e-commerce development since 2010.
Magento Certified Developer: here my profile on

Since was a baby I loved technologies and programming. Everyday I always try to learn something new by be a part of open source communities.

Remote worker for Italian and Europe company, I'd like to work with Agile and Time-Material method.

Giuseppe Morelli
E-commerce Magento

Development and customization

Backend developer mainly. Work only on frontend but it's not my first activity.

Performance Magento

Boost your e-commerce

Experienced on backend and frontend. Server-side optimization with hosting provider specialized in Magento.


Local development, staging and deployment systems

Help company with training focused on local development (vagrant, docker) and to create custom deployment system

Web services & API

System integration with 3rd party services

Experienced with CRM, migration from other platforms and automated system.

Experience, professionality but more important: results

One single person can't substitute an entire professional team, in fact I collaborate with the best company that work in web development environment.
Let's check together what will be best solution for your project.

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The Open Source

My life philosophy follow the Open Source philosophy.
You can see the success of open source with Magento and in the last few years how it was growth with the community.

“Geek is a lifestyle!”

I love technologies and it's benefits for all of us.
For me, be Geek (and sometimes nerd) it's a lifestyle that bring me everywhere. I do not call "work" what I do, but PASSION!


I support open source project for Magento and others on Github

Board member of IT4Mage community, organization no-profit for quality starndard of Magento in Italy

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